Bravo, mums!!

Tonight’s reflection is a well done!!
A very good friend said to me not long ago, “well done; you realise you’ve fed your baby which has kept him alive and well for 6 weeks”. I thought what a profound thing to say but she’s right. Seems so simple, but definitely deserves praise.? So much in motherhood deserves a “well done”, yet few of us are regularly said this to.  So here’s a list of achievements you might be familiar with and therefore, of which you should be proud.  Note, these aren’t necessarily mine, just things I think we achieve and have no idea that it’s praise-worthy.
1) managed to get out the house, in time, with both boobs in bra and baby dressed.
2) fed baby whilst eating cereal with left hand (disproportionately bloody hard!!)
3) filled car up with fuel at the pay at pump… Oh, and the right fuel too.
4) cat/dog/fish has been fed!!!
5) dodged a spew as muslin at the ready.
6) didn’t punch a random admirer who asked if my baby (at 6 weeks old) “slept through the night” – didn’t even answer with sarcasm.
7) DIDN’T have road rage with the arse who dared to drive within 200 yards of my bumper.
8 ) DID have road rage with the arse who dared to drive within 200 yards of my bumper (take your pic on the achievement here).
9) answered the door to the postman without a boob on show!
10) cooked some proper dinner despite the cupboards being bare.
11) went to a mum and baby group and survived.
12) ate a hot meal with two hands OR with one hand… both an achievement. In fact…
13) ate a hot meal
14) didn’t watch too much brain rot telly.
15) only watched brain rot telly whilst nursing baby all day.
16) didn’t get peed on!!!
17) didn’t get pooped on!!!
18) phoned the mother and didn’t cry/hang up on her.
19) washed hair.
20) loved, fed, cleaned, nurtured my baby.

All in all mums, jokes aside, we achieve one hell of a lot in very short amounts of time!

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