Here we go…

I’ve recently become a mummy for the first time at the tender age of 36 and felt the need to share some of my experiences; the joys and challenges, which motherhood brings.

In the early days of becoming a mummy, I found the nighttime one of my favourite times with my little one. It was like Christmas Eve, where I  knew I should have been asleep but something magical was keeping me awake. In this case, it was my baby. I know, for some, the incessant feeding, crying or colic is far from magical, but hold fire before you change your reading choice. I don’t have the perfect set-up and I’m far from super-mum but I, like all mums, am doing my best and the nighttime is where I like to share some of craziness which comes with being a new mummy. I hope you enjoy my posts…

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