Since 2004, I’ve been an English teacher and this has been my main focus in life. I’ve been the head of a large department for 8 years and it’s safe to say, it takes over life. Yes, I’ve had relationships (failed ones) and yes, I’ve had some kind of social life, but in the main, teaching has had a major place in my life.

But, on the 6th January 2017, I found out I was pregnant and it all started to change from there. My main focus was staying healthy and getting my baby here safely and sure enough, 9 months later, he arrived, all perfect and gorgeous. And now, life is very different. I’m on maternity leave for as long as I can afford to be and my little man takes up all my time and I wouldn’t change it!

However; there are times when he feeds for hours and hours and so as he does this, I’ve managed to get back to my love of writing; the thing which drove me to teach English in the first place. I started a blog on Facebook and now I’d like to broaden my horizons. So, here goes. I have nothing to lose by sharing my stories, other than the odd bit of dignity all women seem to lose having had a child!! Enjoy!