Shopping…! Online all the way!

I salute any new mum who manages to get out the house fully dressed, equipped and on time as it becomes an unbelievably hard thing to do once a baby is involved.

My baby is now 10 weeks old and I thought it was time to venture to a shopping centre this week. I just wanted to look around a few shops; no big deal and with no intention to try anything on for me; nope, this was a trip for toys and baby clothes, something I never thought I’d be lucky enough to do. However, this trip was challenging…

I like to use a moby sling rather than do battle with a pram; why are they still so bloody hard to erect and collapse? Anyway, I’d no sooner arrived into John Lewis, the first shop, when my little man decided he didn’t want to be in the sling. Out he came and I was back to being the one-armed mummy I am at home. The looks I received from fellow shoppers was odd to say the least. Here I was thinking they’d coo and ahhh at my baby and ask my daft questions about his sleeping pattern; oh no, many just looked at me like I was mad and questioning where my designer pram with matching changing bag was. As a mother, I soon learned not to care what people think but even so!

Within minutes he needed feeding. Shock! So I trundled to the cafe thinking “I can do this breastfeeding malarkey in John Lewis, of course I can”. I bottled it (not the milk, my mission!) I left and headed for the nearest toilets only to find there was no baby change facility there so it was back to face the filling cafe!!

Cutting the long story short, I managed to have a coffee and a scone, find a secluded seat and feed my baby relatively discreetly. To make the most of the JL services, baby then decided to get rid of all the yummy milk I’d provided, by pooping for England, sending me on a mad dash to find the toilets which actually had the baby change facility!!

So, baby fed. Baby changed. Mum coffee’d. I headed to browse the baby clothes. No sooner had I got there when baby thought “hmmm, I’ve emptied my tummy, I must refuel” and so, there I stood, hoicking my boob out, again, in the middle of the baby grows trying to subtly feed my baby. I was about as subtle as a slap in the face and looked more like I was waiting to smuggle goods up my jumper the way I was browsing. But, again, when it comes to nursing your baby, there really are no limits to how low your dignity can fall because all that matters is that baby is OK!!! I have since, however, stuck to online shopping, safely ensconced on the sofa boobs out galore!

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